One of the most interesting and my favorite thing we learned about Kauai is that no beach is private or can be privately owned. We were given this great tidbit of advice by our photography tour guide who also told us that there is no better way to spend a day feeling like the rich and famous (without spending the exorbitant price tag of $800-$1000 a night) than to spend it at the St. Regis Princeville. Anyone can literally pull up in front of this lavish resort, have their car valet parked like a rock star, walk through the hotel and use their facilities, pool and beach; and that is exactly what we did. In a place of beauty beyond words is a place of luxury beyond measure and the view from Pu’u Poa Beach is hard to beat. Looking over the famous Bali Hai point and lush mountains just doesn’t get old and we were quite content to spend a half a day doing just that while sipping overpriced cocktails from the pool bar.  I’m pretty sure the hotel is not going to like this information leaked out.

IMG_0893-01 IMG_0885

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