As far as beaches go, it doesn’t get much better than this sandy stretch of heaven on earth —- IF you can manage the drive there. The beach parking and camping areas are only accessible via a 5 mile poorly marked, dirt/sand sugarcane road riddled with potholes that could easily swallow up a small car. A four wheel drive vehicle is recommended however we got there fine in our rental car (sshhhh…don’t tell Alamo) by taking our time, avoiding the sand, and driving to the outside almost in the sugarcane. It should be noted though that if you get stuck in the sand or require service, the rental car company will not cover it and all responsibility is assumed by the renter (in the fine print of your rental agreement) – call a tow truck instead. That’s my disclaimer and that being said, it’s well worth the bumpy ride. A few fun facts: Polihale is known as one of the world’s best secluded beaches by Travel & Leisure Magazine and is the longest white sand beach in Hawaii. The day we were there, there were literally about 5 people on the whole beach-absolute paradise! In Hawaiian, Polihale means “A leaping off place for spirits” or “house of death” and the Hawaiians used to travel here with their loved ones ashes in a small sack and lay it on the sand. The water would then come and wash it away and their souls would be released forever. A few tips if you are planning on going: Aside from your sense of adventure, bring an umbrella or something that will provide shade. Polihale is beautiful but barren and there are no trees or sheltered areas to seek refuge from the hot, hot sun. Sunscreen wouldn’t hurt either. Bring plenty of water and food – – there are restrooms and showers but no other services. Most importantly, be very wary of the water! Though it is gorgeous, it is deceptively dangerous, drops off very quickly and the strong current and powerful waves have proven fatal for even the most experienced of swimmers–there are no lifeguards. If you come prepared, the payoff is totally worth it though and you probably won’t experience a more beautiful beach in your lifetime.

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