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Photo Spotlight – Summer Skies

I normally reserve this spot to highlight a particular destination but with temps in the teens and seasonal depression kicking in, I'm really trying to look to everything that is Summer right now.....warm nights, flip flops, swimming, barbeques, motorcycle rides and thunderstorms just to name a few.   So I thought I'd take this month to share my absolute favorite thing about this short season---THE SKY!!!  Sunrises, sunsets, a good storm and the rainbows that follow provide some of the most amazing, colorful, and dramatic photo ops. Please enjoy the slideshow of some of my most loved "Summer" pictures from locations around the globe.

What’s On My Mind Lately

A Camel Walks Into A Bar 3...What's the punchline you ask? Well......there isn't one....just like there aren't any bars in Morocco. More specifically, there aren't any gender neutral establishments serving just cocktails. No joke! Let me say first that I'm by no means an alcoholic and do not base my travels on such. But I do take my vacation time seriously and as a time to really relax, unwind, and enjoy myself....that usually involves cocktails. Sometimes that might mean having a nice glass of wine at a corner cafe while people watching or parked in a lounge chair sipping fruity, slushy, umbrella rum drinks while simply staring at the waves roll in and out.  That's what vacation is to me--I'm talking comfortably numb here, not sloppy drunk. Anyhow, prior to traveling to Morocco I had researched a bit of the muslim culture and what to expect prior to my trip there and what I needed to do to prepare.


Hammam ArticleIn the bustling city of Fez there lies an oasis from the medina madness and probably the most heavenly place I've ever had the pleasure of resting my weary travel bones. In fact, I created a separate post all about Riad Laaroussa in my list of A Thousand Places and would fly all the way back to Morroco just to stay there again.  As part of a very long restoration of the entire property, a room close to the entrance foyer was discovered and owners Fred and Cathy spared no expense at saving the once crumbling Hammam. Intrigued, we decided our visit to Morocco or The Riad Laaroussa would not be complete until we had experienced this ancient ritual for ourselves so without much hesitation, my friend Diana and I made a reservation for what would be a lesson in grace, dignity and pain management.

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To BlogorNot To Blog ArticleTo Blog or Not To Blog? An Inside Out Look at Creating An Authentic Life.  A lot of well-meaning friends and even family members are always telling me “You’re so lucky!” and “Must be nice…You’re really living the life!” And, while most days I do feel pretty blessed, I always want to tell them that luck had nothing to do with it. Truth is, I’ve never won anything in my life (tell a small lie--I once won 2 turkeys in a fire station turkey raffle but I’d hardly call that my ship coming in). I don’t consider myself a “lucky” person but I don’t consider myself “unlucky” either. What I do believe, however, is that attitude and gratitude have everything to do with how I live and what opportunities come my way. 

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