Ke’e Beach is on the North shore of Kauai and about as far as you can go via car on Highway 56– literally the end of the road. It took us about an hour to get there from Poipu and by the time we arrived, parking was very limited. We actually ended up parking on the side of the road about ½ mile from the actual beach and schlepping all of our stuff down there. While this wasn’t my favorite beach on the island, there are some great things about it – decent reefs with calm, clear water protected from big waves make for some pretty easy snorkeling, a beautiful tropical mountain backdrop, nice shade trees for a break from the sun, and plenty of roosters roaming freely among the beachgoers (for some they were a total nuisance but roosters are one of my favorite things so I was very happy to share the beach with them and felt there were a few people who were far more of a nuisance). My only recommendation aside from getting there early is to pack food/drinks as there is nowhere close by to grab anything and you’d hate to lose that parking space it took an hour to find.  Also, don’t mind the raindrops.  Being on the North Shore, rains move in frequently but move on out just as fast.

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