205. Swamp & Bayou Tour – New Orleans, LA

If you are in New Orleans for any more than a couple of days, you’ll need to take a break from the alcohol and stench of Bourbon Street for awhile.  One thing to do is to take a swamp/bayou tour. There are many out there and I had been on one the last time I was here but it didn’t compare to Airboat Adventures Swamp Tours http://www.airboatadventures.com/.  Located in Lafitte just a 30 minute ride from […]

204. The Garden District – New Orleans, LA

Just a cable car ride away is a really great diversion and polar opposite atmosphere from the craziness and stench of Bourbon Street. The Garden District is rich in history and down every tree lined street are stately homes with spectacular architectural details, beautifully landscaped yards tucked behind ornate garden gates. We did a self-walking tour and were able to take our time. You can go on the internet and get a map of the […]

203. The French Quarter – New Orleans, LA

While I did post previously about Bourbon Street,which is technically in the French Quarter, I feel for the most part they are worlds apart. Bourbon Street is a racey no holds barred non-stop party, a bit smellier and dirtier than any other street in the French Quarter and not a place for families with small children. I do, however, think a family could plan a relatively decent vacation in New Orleans while keeping off of […]

202. Bourbon Street – New Orleans, LA

Whenever the subject of Bourbon Street comes up, I find either people love it or hate it. There doesn’t seem to be any gray area amongst people I’ve talked to who’ve been and even the reviews on TripAdvisor are split 50/50. I, however, do both love and hate it and there is a lot of gray area. I’ve been to New Orleans several times and the first day I’m there, I always hit Bourbon Street. […]