Whenever the subject of Bourbon Street comes up, I find either people love it or hate it. There doesn’t seem to be any gray area amongst people I’ve talked to who’ve been and even the reviews on TripAdvisor are split 50/50. I, however, do both love and hate it and there is a lot of gray area. I’ve been to New Orleans several times and the first day I’m there, I always hit Bourbon Street. On that day, I love it and overindulge in everything that is Bourbon Street; the “Hand Grenades”, the “Hurricanes”, the walls of “frozen Daiquiris”, a “Lucky Dog” or two to soak up the alcohol, obtaining as many bead necklaces as I can, and of course the music. The next day I certainly pay for it all and that’s where the hate part comes in. I’m usually not feeling well, it’s very, very hot and humid outside which only intensifies the smell of vomit, urine, and garbage in the air from the night before, and I have absolutely no desire to return to the cause of my pain. Bourbon Street is really like no other street/place on earth though and everyone should experience it with wild abandon at least once in their lifetime. If you’re prepared and know what you are in store for, it can be very fun. However, it is not a place for children or people with weak stomachs or unwaivering strong morals. Thank God New Orleans has so many other things to do though and should not be entirely defined by Bourbon Street alone. Not to be missed is Big Al Carson at The Funky Pirate – 495 pounds of pure blues and a half ton of fun!  My tip…if you wake up with a hangover (if you don’t, you did something wrong) head over to Mother’s for some great rib sticking food that is sure to cure what ails you.

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