While I did post previously about Bourbon Street,which is technically in the French Quarter, I feel for the most part they are worlds apart. Bourbon Street is a racey no holds barred non-stop party, a bit smellier and dirtier than any other street in the French Quarter and not a place for families with small children. I do, however, think a family could plan a relatively decent vacation in New Orleans while keeping off of Bourbon Street. Make no mistake, the French Quarter is no Walt Disney World—I’d probably still choose to either go sans kids or wait until they are old enough to have a cocktail with you—after all you want to have some fun while you’re there. You really need at least a couple of days to explore all the side streets and nooks and crannies of the French Quarter. That is where you will find some of the best authentic food, jazz and blues clubs.  My personal recommendation and where the locals go for the best variety of music, eclectic scene and an overall great vibe is Frenchman Street.  Drinks are about half the price and there is a wonderful open air art market every evening from 7:00pm-1:00am except on Tuesdays.  Also, a bit touristy but not to be missed is Cafe’ Du Monde for a Beignet and iced coffee.  Trust me, you won’t find another one like it – the Beignets here have a great chewy texture and come out piping hot with the perfect amount of confectionery sugar and the iced coffee is light and sweet and hits the spot on a hot steamy N’awlins day.  Another favorite of mine is to walk around Jackson Square and look at the local art, listen to the great street music and get my fortune told although I think that the quality of  fortune telling talent has gone a little down hill in recent years.  In any event, don’t let the bad reviews of Bourbon Street deter you from heading to NOLA.  It really is like no other place on earth and worth at least a long weekend of your life.

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