While this is on the Dingle Peninsula which I have already posted about, I feel that this was such a fascinating  place that it deserved a blog spot all its own. Sitting silently on the side of a beautiful, rising slope in the middle of a pasture – and guarded by nothing more than sheep and cattle – this remarkable stone church is impressive and awe-inspiring. From an architectural perspective, it’s crazy.  Built entirely of hand-placed stones by Christians more than a thousand years ago, the Neolithic church has stood for centuries – unmoved – without the aid of any mortar and still remains waterproof. From a spiritual perspective, the feeling you’ll get when you enter and linger inside is difficult to describe.  You’ll know you’re in a very special place. A must visit if you can.

Ireland - Gallarus Oratory, Dingle Peninsula

Ireland - Gallarus Oratory 2, Dingle Peninsula


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