Going on our sixth straight day of sunshine and mild temps which is almost unheard of in Ireland. But we certainly didn’t look that gift Connemara horse in the mouth as it was a great day to drive “The Dingle”. Supposedly a half day drive, we planned on the whole day as I was sure we’d be stopping more than the average tourist to take pictures. Many people question which is the better drive…The Dingle Peninsula or The Ring of Kerry. I have driven both; The Ring of Kerry on a previous trip to Ireland, and I would have to definitely say if you have to choose, then choose The Dingle Peninsula. The Slea Head Drive, through quaint coastal fishing villages, beaches, and alongside dramatic seaside cliffs makes it just one of the prettiest you’ll ever experience and it’s no doubt why it’s a National Geographic favorite. After your drive, be sure to stop in the lovely Dingle town centre for freshly caught fish, a pint, and some souvenirs. Maybe you’ll even spot Fungie the famous Dingle dolphin (we didn’t). Our B&B for the night was Tom & Eileen’s Farm in Castlemaine and was probably our favorite of the trip and worth mentioning.  It is an actual working farm and during our stay we were blessed to see a mother horse and her foal of only three weeks. Tom and Eileen were great hosts; especially Tom who served up the best breakfast of whiskey oatmeal, bangers, and humorous stories.

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