Today’s riding was picture perfect…beautiful blue sky with puffy white clouds, temps in the low 80’s and no rain in the forecast. Canyonlands National Park is Utah’s largest National Park and is separated into four separate districts….each apparently very different from one another. We did not have time to see or experience them all (it could easily take weeks) and they are not connected in any way to each other via road (each has its own entrance) so we chose the easiest and closest drive to Arches which is where we were coming from. The Island in the Sky drive didn’t let us down with plenty of jaw dropping pull outs and several excellent short hikes (Grand View Point, Mesa Arch, and Upheaval Dome Overlook just a few) which gave us a great taste of what the park had to offer. I’ve said it previously about this trip and will continue….would have loved to have spent more time there and again, I wish I had my hiking boots!



Canyonlands 1

Canyonlands 6


Canyonlands NP - Upheaval Dome Second Overlook


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