Glenfinnan is on the West Highland Railway, with daily services from Glasgow, Fort William, and Mallaig (which is where we dropped off Aunt Ethel and my mom to catch the train so we could run ahead of it and photograph them on their journey).  I would add that Mallaig is well worth a short visit…..a cute little port town with nice restaurants and plenty of cute shops. Just before reaching Glenfinnan station, the Jacobite steam train crosses the spectacular Glenfinnan Viaduct, a hundred-year-old stone arched rail bridge which was brought to fame in the Harry Potter movies as the Hogwarts Express. For the best pictures of the Jacobite crossing the bridge, drive out to Glenfinnan where the monument to Bonnie Prince Charlie is. There is a visitor’s center there where you can park. Climb the hill directly behind the visitor center and you will have a great view and some awesome photographs of the train chugging across the viaduct. If you are taking the train instead of climbing the hill to photograph it, I would recommend buying your tickets well in advance and sitting on the left of side for the best views down the loch and towards the Monument. It doesn’t matter if you are a Harry Potter fan or not, it is a spectacular sight to behold whether viewing from the inside or outside of the train.



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