I know so many people (gamblers and not) who think this place is the bomb and go back year after year.  I, however, am not one of those people. While gambling is not my cup of tea anyway, there is nothing about the strip that appeals to me. I’m not knocking the people who like going, I’m just more of an outdoor, scenery kind of girl. But, just like Bourbon Street in New Orleans or Disneyworld (two more of my non-favorites) I do think it’s a place you have to experience once in your life. I’ve been twice and this time we only went because we were renting Harley Davidson’s for a nine day, six National Parks ride called the Grand Circle Tour. We started the trip in Vegas and spent the night at The Cosmopolitan which, in our opinion, was extremely overpriced and filled with drunk and snobby young people. Not sure how they could afford to have stayed there….maybe trust fund kids. On the tail end, we stayed at The Hard Rock Hotel which was not on the strip. But, we both agreed had by far the most comfortable bed we had ever slept in….could have been because we spent nine days on a motorcycle.  There is also a pretty cool sand pool which is supposed to remind one of the beach and a couple of really good reasonably priced restaurants on site. If I were to ever find myself back in Las Vegas, I’d definitely stay here again.


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