Let me preface this by saying that I wasn’t particularly excited about going to Alcatraz on our San Francisco vacation – I thought it was kind of a guy thing. But life and relationships are all about compromise so I went and I am very glad I did. We took the audio guided tour and I found it very, very interesting and not a guy thing at all. I did not know that the guards and their entire families lived on the island, the kids even went to school there. That’s crazy to me that anyone would choose to live on an island with prisoners…murderers and the likes of Al Capone and Machine Gun Kelly. So much history there and I would recommend to anyone to put it on their list of things to do while in San Francisco (even though I’m pretty sure it’s on most people’s list already).  As an added bonus, there is a great photo op of the San Francisco skyline and Golden Gate Bridge from the island.  My tip: Get your tickets early–they sell out very fast.

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