The drive around Lake Tahoe is 70 miles and, if driven without stops, would likely take around 4 hours. I’m quite sure though that there is no human who could make this trip without stopping–the views are just too spectacular (plus you have to eat, drink and empty the bladder right?) Make it a perfect sunny day in the high 70’s and throw in two girls who feel compelled to stop at every pull out for a photo, who hike over boulders to get that perfect azure water shot, and who stop frequently for a cold glass of white on quaint restaurant decks overlooking the lake (all that stopping makes a girl thirsty), and what would normally take a half a day ended up taking 13 hours. No regrets though….the company was great, views unbeatable, and time not a factor. My recommendations for must stops are:  Emerald Bay (the name says it all), Inspiration Point (again, the name says it all), Sugar Pine State Park (while this is inland on the Western Shore, you’ll find some nice hiking trails and sugar pinecones over a foot long).









For dinner and an unforgettable panoramic sunset of the lake, I’d highly suggest The Sand Bar

at Christy Hill a lakeside bistro in Tahoe City. We loved it so much we went back twice!




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