It’s easy to think of Los Cabos as a series of photogenic beaches and luxury resorts. However, an entirely different world lies in the striking desert hills away from those brilliant blues of the Sea of Cortez.  The truth is that this dramatic desert landscape holds some enchanting surprises—including authentic Baja villages and hidden waterfalls. One of the real highlights of a trip out to this area (still located within the municipality of Los Cabos) is a magical oasis complete with a beautiful pool, waterfall and cantina at the Cañon de la Zorra (“Fox Canyon”) at Rancho Sol de Mayo. The Sol de Mayo is only about 20 minutes outside of Santiago in the Sierra Laguna Biosphere, but is almost impossible to find without careful attention to detail.  I had found some pretty detailed directions that a guy had posted on a travel blog about trips out and around Cabo.  So we rented a car for the day, planned a route, and headed out.  Once you take the road up above Santiago, you must follow a series of dirt and sand paths, guided only by the occasional sign saying Sol de Mayo. The roads are very dusty and you have to go over several “cattle gates”-complete with crossing cattle-to get there. The entire time we were the only car on the road and we were beginning to worry about where we were actually headed.  The first thing you see when you arrive is the Rancho Ecologoico Sol de Mayo. This is a little casita/ranch where you can grab something to eat and drink or even stay the night (there are a few cabins which are actually very nice).  After you pay the woman attendant $5 to park your car, they will direct you to the path down to the waterfall. There is also a little hut for you to change into your bathing suit for swimming. I must say before anything else that the first thing we noticed was the unbelievably wonderful smell coming from the kitchen of the thatched cantina. After inquiring as to what it was, we were told it was fresh lobster tacos being prepared for lunch and that after our hike we were welcome to stop back and have some along with a fresh squeezed margarita. So with thoughts of margaritas and lobster tacos on our minds, we headed down the path to the waterfall with an extra bounce in our step. We were told it was about a half hour hike and going down would definitely be easier than the climb back. It was a relatively easy hike down and we went for a refreshing swim, took some pictures but couldn’t wait to get back for that lunch. We were the only people there but by the time we began the hike back we started to see others coming down. I have to say that the waterfall was beautiful but what made the day were those lobster tacos and probably the best margarita I have ever had. I’m not sure how anyone finds out about this place, no apparent advertising and a long bumpy ride in, but all the tables were full by the time we left. And I can’t help you with the directions but I’m sure if you google it, you could find something like I did.  If your ever in Cabo, it is so worth the trip.

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