Dramatic is one word I would use to describe this place. An imposing structure perched high on the “rock” with sweeping views of the countryside all around. The “Rock” of Cashel is not really a rock at all however but a steep green hill with limestone outcrops. At the top is a stone fortress that includes a 13th Century Gothic cathedral, a 12th Century Romanesque chapel, and a stone round tower. There is also a magnificent view of the plains of County Tipperary. A true photographer’s dream even on a cloudy blustery day (which was the case the day we visited but I think just added to the dramatic effect). We did not take the tour but spent a couple of hours exploring on our own and that was okay for us. We also really enjoyed the little street at the base and ate a sandwich lunch at Granny’s Kitchen. Before heading off we drove down to get a few pictures of the entire Rock of Cashel from the bottom. Simply stunning!

3874849471_c46e91c9fb_z Rock of Cashel Ireland

DSC01314  Rock of Cashel Ireland Rock of Cashel Ireland

DSC01312 Rock of Cashel Ireland

DSC01300 DSC01297

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