On the last leg of our tour of Morocco, we stayed at the beautiful Riad Madada Mogador.  While there we had the opportunity to spend the day at their Moroccan cooking school.  We had certainly eaten our share of tagine on the trip, and although they were all quite tasty, we were quite tired of eating them daily.  So when they told us that that is what we were going to be making, we were a little disenchanted.  But, being the cooking lover that I am, I was interested in learning about the amazing spices and techniques used to prepare the dish we had eaten most on our journey.  It couldn’t have been more fun, educational and worthwhile.  We not only made a lamb tagine but stuffed dates as an appetizer and “special occasion soup” as our starter.  While the tagine was cooking, we enjoyed the stuffed dates, some olives and, of course wine on the rooftop lounge area.  Afterwards, we were able to enjoy the fruits of our labor and found we were pretty good Moroccan cooks.  I said it previously but the Madada Mogador is not only an exceptional place to stay but I would highly recommend indulging in the cooking school.

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