No visit to Morocco would be complete without a visit to old Marrakech and the medina. Certainly the largest and craziest of all the medinas we have visited with an almost mad, frenzied pace. This day the temps were over 100 degrees and it was a bit much for us since we were trying to wind down after 15 days on the road and facing a long day of flights the following day. We did have a few souvenirs left to buy and were told that there was a place called the “government store” that was a couple of stories and air conditioned. We decided to skip the medina tour and head there. A good decision as the shopping was great with no heckling or bartering, and we were able to pick up the last of what we needed to bring back with us. After that we decided that an afternoon of swimming and simply relaxing at the pool at our riad, Dar Anika, was just what the doctor ordered. Of course, that and a cold bottle of white.  I was also able to finish writing in my travel journal.

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