Capri is an enchanting and picturesque island in the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is believed to have once been part of the mainland and is now only reachable by ferry.  There are only 2 towns on the island – Capri (being the main town where the ferry port of Marina Grande is located) and Anacapri. Capri is definitely the most touristy and contains plenty of high end shops and cafes. Anacapri is located in the highest part of the island at the foot of Mount Solaro and is less populated and considerably less expensive. We visited Villa San Michele where we found some of the best views.  Both Capri and Anacapri are certainly worth a visit and should I ever get back, I would definitely stay on the island as I felt my time there was too short.  We were also not able to visit the Blue Grotto as the water was too rough that day so another reason to return.

Italy - Isle of Capri


Villa San Michele - Capri Italy Villa San Michele - Capri Italy

Italy - Ischia Port, Amalfi Coast 2

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