We had definitely planned to stop at the Hotel California on our day out and about but had certainly not planned on spending the night.  In fact, we had nothing but the clothes on our backs.  But sometimes plans are meant to be changed and “Plan B” can be way more fun than “Plan A”.   The hotel, made famous by the Eagles song of the same name (although I have heard they vehemently deny the song being about this hotel…probably so as not to pay any royalty dollars) has a laid back, 1960’s hippy kind of vibe, candles burning everywhere, and a great bar and restaurant. And, true to the song, there is a beautiful mission-with a bell-right behind the hotel.  But I digress, and although it seemed like quite a waste of money since we already had a hotel room back in Cabo we were paying for, we had had far too many margaritas to even thing about driving back.  Plus…how cool to say that we actually stayed there….right?  Well we didn’t regret our decision one bit and we loved everything about the place.  The rooms are colorfully but simply decorated in Mexican style…..no tv’s, not even an alarm clock….but who needs one when your trying to sleep off the margaritas from the night before.

DSC07325 DSC07308 DSC07328

DSC07255 DSC0730501

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