We loved this beach and town so much that we actually came twice. The first time was on our way back from Ke’e Beach to watch the sunset from the famous pier that juts out into the bay. I had seen so many pictures on Pinterest and travel sites that I just had to get some myself. The pier sunset and flame throwing entertainment didn’t disappoint but we also fell in love with the beach and cute little town of Hanalei. Home to Puff the Magic Dragon, “Hanah Lee” is believed to produce the best marijuana on the island and metaphorically, the cliffs on the side of the beach are supposed to look like a dragon. We didn’t see a dragon or partake in the marijuana in Hanalei, but did see an abundance of cute shops, great places to eat/drink and reminders that the legend that is Puff lives on in the form of books and stuffed animals. We also saw many taro fields in every possible shade of green spreading out like a patchwork quilt – the best view being from the Hanalei Valley lookout. The heart shaped leafy plants grow in flooded fields much like rice and are used most often to make gooey, gelatinous poi which it seems only Hawaiians love. The second time we came was to simply enjoy the entire day at the beach. The town is located just a short walk from the bay so you can wander in and grab some casual drinks and lunch (definitely make some room in your tummy for a PukaDog-a Hawaiian tradition) before returning for more sun time. The views from the beach were stunning any time of day – boats in the bay in front of you, mountains with visible waterfalls behind you – total euphoria – no Puff needed!

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