After almost two weeks on the road, we were so looking forward to spending some downtime on the beach in Essaouira.  Our riad, The Madada Mogador, was a gem with private balconies, each with a great view of the water, and probably the most comfortable beds of our entire trip. I also spent some quality time in the beautiful bathtub with a glass of delicious wine they had in stock for their guests-a rarity in most all of Morocco. I still can’t believe how hard it was to find a glass of wine or cocktail in this country. Anyhow… certainly was a much appreciated treat.

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We spent three glorious days in Essaouira, some of the time in the medina, some on the beach, some simply relaxing on the rooftop lounging area. Overall, I would definitely recommend a stop in Essaouira if you are traveling through Morocco. There is a great mix of old traditional Morocco in the medina and a more modern western civilization feel along the beach (even though you won’t see many bathing suits….the women still stay well covered in their jellabiyas). Essaouira is probably most famous, however, for it’s fresh fish and colorful blue fishing boats.

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