We did not pay the entry fee for the castle but did enjoy the gardens which are wonderful, well laid out and with good paths easy for everyone to maneuver. One of my favorite pictures of the trip is of a red capped mushroom we saw just off the main path-so colorful and perfect that it almost looked fake and I had to touch it to see if it was real. Interestingly though, the castle is still inhabited by the Macleod Clan and is under the guidance of the 30th Chief Clansman in his ancestral home (800 years of Macleod’s under one roof—pretty impressive). Our main reason for going, however, was the boat trip to Seal Island. The fee of £6 per person was well worth the 30 minute boat tour as there were literally hundreds of seals of all sizes, colors and shapes basking on the rocky little islands. They must be quite used to the boats, people and cameras as they hardly flinched as we got pretty close to them and some of them seemed to be actually posing. It was great fun and the view of the castle from the Loch was beautiful.

DSCF3891 DSCF395901

IMG_811701 DSCF3919-001

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