I love coming to Cedarburg any time of year and it’s my favorite spot to head off to for the day or the entire weekend. But my absolute favorite time to visit is during the Fall Wine & Harvest Festival. It’s like Cedarburg on crack–all my favorite things plus a festival celebrating a few of the things I love most….Fall and wine!  The streets are closed down and are lined with craft vendors, food vendors, and a farmers market. And did I mention wine! It’s made and sold locally at the Cedar Creek Winery. There is a grape stomp, live music, pumpkin boat races, and fun around every corner. In fact, I was hesitant about even posting this because I didn’t want it getting any more crowded than it already is.  But, I love to pass on a good thing. One word of caution though, if you plan on coming, you will need to book a room early as hotel options are limited. We book ours almost a year in advance and stay at the Hampton Inn in Grafton which is a couple of miles north of Cedarburg. It’s a great option–Grafton itself is a very nice town with quite a few dining options and the hotel is very clean and has a great complimentary breakfast. Cedarburg does have two very nice B&B’s (The Stagecoach Inn and The Washington House) but if you plan on staying in one of those for the festival – good luck to you. I’ve tried to get in for several years and have been unable. On the other hand, as I mentioned earlier, Cedarburg is a great place to come any time of the year. Just check out this website first to see if there’s anything going on http://www.cedarburg.org/events-calendar.

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Be sure to grab a bite to eat at the Anvil Pub and Grille and for desert a gourmet taffy apple at  Amy’s Candy Kitchen.

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Cedarburg21 Cedarburg7

Since I can only post once about a place in my attempt to get to a thousand places, I’ve also included some pics of Cedarburg all decked out for the Christmas holidays. It’s very festive and a great place to shop for unique gifts for friends or family.

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