This bar and restaurant, owned by Sammy Hagar, was on our list of things to do while in Cabo. We had planned on going mid-week to break up the monotony of the meals and sub-par cocktails at our all-inclusive resort. But the day before we had planned to go, we were lounging down by the pool bar when a guy from Canada strikes up a conversation with me. He asked if we had been to Cabo Wabo yet and told me that he heard rumors “floating” around that Sammy himself would be performing there that very night. So, on his word, Scott and I left the pool a little early, showered, and headed over there not really expecting to see him but very hopeful. It was early evening when we got there but got good seats and ordered some dinner and drinks and waited…and waited…and waited just a little longer before we noticed some commotion and buzzing around the stage. Could it be…….YES! What an unbelievable night. Sammy played for a couple of hours and sounded amazing. We could hardly believe our good fortune and were so glad we took the chance. Thank you guy from Canada who I never saw again!



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