Just a short water taxi ride from Venice lies a small island I could easily call home.  Probably the most colorful place I’ve ever been, Burano is a feast for the eyes and camera lens and I cannot imagine any one of its 2,000 residents ever waking up less than cheerful. While most tourists head to the more famous Murano known for it’s stunning blown glass, I’d seen pictures of Burano on Pinterest and just had to see it for myself to make sure the photos had not been too overly enhanced in Photoshop.  I can say with complete honesty….they haven’t. The houses on the island must follow a special color pattern dating to the island’s “golden age” when it was first developed. If you live on Burano and wish to paint your home, you must send a letter to the government and they’ll reply telling you which colors you’re allowed. Legend says that the island’s fishermen were the first to paint their houses in bright colors so they could see them while they were out fishing. Lacemaking is another one of little Burano’s big highlights and dates back to the 1400’s.  While the men were out fishing, the women of the island were becoming experts at the craft. Leonardo da Vinci himself visited the island to shop for cloth that he used on the alter at the Duomo di Milano. Nowadays, lace stores, gelato shops, cute cafe’s and artisan kiosks clutter Burrano’s narrow streets. I’d advise anyone visiting Venice to fit a half day mood boosting trip to this charming island into their itinerary and challenge them to not leave happier than when they got off the boat.

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