Of course everyone wants to see the changing of the guard outside of Buckingham Palace at least once, but truth be told, it’s slightly overrated and a wee bit boring. The crowds are huge and unless you get there hours in advance to get right up to the gates or climb the fountain, you really can’t see very much. The royal police also herd everyone around like cattle so there is not a lot of dignity in trying to get a good picture. The ceremony itself is quite nice if you’re lucky enough to be there on a day when it happens. As for the palace itself, unless you pay a large fee for one of the tours when the queen is not in residence, all you really see is the front of the building. And, while it certainly is impressive and iconic, how long can you spend looking at it. All of this being said, if you’re in London, it’s certainly worth a stop and maybe had the Queen or Royal Family made an appearance, I might have liked it a bit more but it just wasn’t one of my favorite sites here.

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