On every trip there is that one place or event that wasn’t planned or on the itinerary but ends up being the absolute highlight–and I’m all about spontaneity and Carpe Diem. The Festival Delle Regioni was that event for us on this trip. We ended up finding out about it from our cottage owner who came by to check on us and see if we had everything we needed. In very broken English she was able to communicate to us about this festival that was taking place the next day from morning to night in the village next to ours. She explained that it is a yearly celebration of all the regions of Italy and that they would be represented there through traditional music, dance, costume, and food. What could be more fun than that right?? We decided to head up there right after our breakfast to spend the day. Although we really stood out and were probably the only Americans there (those audio Italian lessons I took in my car for four months really paid off), everyone was so welcoming and we had the best time eating and dancing our way through the streets of Bucine. It couldn’t have been a better day and we felt so lucky and privileged to have been a part of it all. BEI TEMPI!!!

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