The Val d’Orcia is not really one place but a region in Tuscany and no words or pictures can do it the justice it deserves (although that didn’t stop me from taking about 100). Undulating hills with Renaissance towns mounted on rocky heights, panoramic vistas punctuated with idyllic farmhouses, sinuous country roads lined by towering Italian cypress-around every bend a new discovery. The road from Montepulciano to Pienza and from Pienza to San Quirico d’Orcia along the SS146 is particularly noteworthy and where most of the postcard pictures have been snapped. We had planned our entire day around driving this route during sunset as I read the light and color cannot be beat. We couldn’t have been more disappointed than when we arrived and it began to rain which meant no sunset. We decided to make the best of it, continued to drive and out of no where appeared the sun and the most amazing rainbow we had ever seen. I know all rainbows are amazing, but you could literally see where this one started and stopped. It was almost like you could reach out and touch it. You could also see each and every color so vividly and the rainbow lasted for about a half an hour. We could not believe our good fortune and must have pulled over 15 times to capture it. If you only do one thing while you are in Tuscany, this drive has to be it!



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