118. The Cedar Forest – Ifrain, Morocco

Ifrain, also known as “The Little Switzerland” of Morocco is a picturesque village in the Cedar Forest. Probably the cleanest place we have seen, we were told the wealthy of Morocco own homes here and come for holiday. But our favorite part on this leg of our journey was a stop at the edge of the Cedar Forest where it is home to a colony of barbarian apes.  When we were told we were going […]

117. Volubilis – Meknes, Morocco

Volubilis is a partly excavated Roman city in Meknes.  I’m not too interested in that kind of history and the day that we visited it had to be about 140 degrees with virtually no shade available so we did not spend a great deal of time there. I almost felt very sorry for our guide who was really trying hard to engage us in the history behind Volubilis but we convinced him to simply give […]

116. Fez Tannery – Fez, Morocco

Fez tannery was interestingly cool and horrific all at the same time. I should have known how bad it would be as upon entering you are given a snippet of mint to hold up to your nose because the smell is so bad. And how could it not be…..the start of the tanning process begins with the collection and sorting of raw animal skins. The types of animal skins include: sheep skin, goat skin, camel […]

115. Riad Laaroussa – Fez, Morocco

I consider Riad Laaroussa a vacation unto itself and I cannot say enough about it.  In fact, I would go back to Morocco simply to stay there for a week.  A literal oasis in the bustle that is the Fez medina.  Owners, Fred and Cathy have done an amazing job at rennovating the riad and their staff goes above and beyond in making sure your stay is a comfortable and luxurious one. While finding a […]

114. Chefchaouen, Morocco

Of all the cities we traveled through on our 15 day adventure around Morocco, Chefchaouen was by far my favorite. Called the “blue city” because of its painted blue medina, the entire atmosphere was very different and much more laid back than any other medina we visited and the beautiful blue color was calming and a feast for the eyes. Much cleaner, less hectic and I could easily have spent my entire vacation there.  Most tourists flock […]

113. Hassan II Mosque – Casablanca, Morocco

This was our first stop after landing in Casablanca. What an impressive and beautiful start to a vacation. In stark contrast to the rest of Casablanca’s crumbling buildings and industrial architecture, Hassan II Mosque sits gleaming on a promintory over the Atlantic Ocean. Relatively new, built in 1996, the mosque is the largest in the country and the 7th largest in the world.  Over 6,000 Moroccan master craftsmen and artisans were employed to build the […]