87. Dalkey, Ireland

Dalkey is a seaside resort suburb just south of Dublin City. It was a beautiful sunny day and we decided to make a stop there before heading back to Dublin on our final full day in Ireland. We took a walk around the harbour area, saw a seal begging for fish, and had some lunch. Afterward, we walked around the beach before our final drive of the trip. Our short time there was very enjoyable and I learned that […]

86. Hore Abbey – Cashel, County Tipperary, Ireland

Hore Abbey is a monastery ruins near the Rock of Cashel and while it is really nothing spectacular in itself, it is very beautiful viewed from above at the Rock of Cashel.  There is no guided tour or visitors centre but anyone can walk around inside.  If you are at the Rock of Cashel, it’s certainly worth a stop by for some photos.

85. Rock of Cashel – Cashel, County Tipperary, Ireland

Dramatic is one word I would use to describe this place. An imposing structure perched high on the “rock” with sweeping views of the countryside all around. The “Rock” of Cashel is not really a rock at all however but a steep green hill with limestone outcrops. At the top is a stone fortress that includes a 13th Century Gothic cathedral, a 12th Century Romanesque chapel, and a stone round tower. There is also a […]

84. Blarney Castle – Blarney, County Cork, Ireland

Yes it’s probably the most touristy thing in Ireland….Yes it’s overpriced……Yes it’s probably unhealthy and a wee bit gross kissing a piece of stone that hundreds of others have put their mouths to just that day – but do it anyway!  It’s fun being part of a tradition so special and the castle itself and the grounds are actually very beautiful to meander around.  There are also a couple of great pubs around the town […]

83. Kinsale, Ireland

Kinsale is a colorful old fishing village on the south west coast. It’s a popular destination not only for tourists but for the Irish as well. We didn’t partake in any of the golf, yachting or fishing which is the biggest draw here but instead spent most of our time in the harbour area. There are so many artsy shops and pubs as well as some very nice restaurants and Kinsale has even been hailed […]

82. Killarney National Park – Killarney, Ireland

We stopped at Killarney National Park on our drive from The Dingle to Kinsale.  Again, a sunny and unseasonably warm day, great for a little hiking. What an absolutely amazing park. From the lake with the mountains (McGillycuddy’s Reeks) as it’s backdrop to Torc Waterfall to Muckross House with its beautiful gardens and unbelievably big azalea bushes, I was really wishing we had allotted more time to spend here. I especially would have loved to […]

81. Gallarus Oratory – Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

While this is on the Dingle Peninsula which I have already posted about, I feel that this was such a fascinating  place that it deserved a blog spot all its own. Sitting silently on the side of a beautiful, rising slope in the middle of a pasture – and guarded by nothing more than sheep and cattle – this remarkable stone church is impressive and awe-inspiring. From an architectural perspective, it’s crazy.  Built entirely of hand-placed […]

80. Dingle Peninsula – Dingle, Ireland

Going on our sixth straight day of sunshine and mild temps which is almost unheard of in Ireland. But we certainly didn’t look that gift Connemara horse in the mouth as it was a great day to drive “The Dingle”. Supposedly a half day drive, we planned on the whole day as I was sure we’d be stopping more than the average tourist to take pictures. Many people question which is the better drive…The Dingle […]

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