7. Baby Beach & Palm Beach – Aruba

While these are two very different beachs, I listed them together as they are both equally beautiful in their own rite.  Baby Beach is practically deserted with only a few locals hanging out.  But the water is still and bath warm and it’s a great place to snorkel.  There are no restaurants on the beach so pack a picnic and a cooler.  Palm Beach is full of high rise hotels, restaurants and beach bars.  A two […]

6. California Lighthouse – Aruba

Found this gem while on a drive around the island.  The 360 degree views from here of the island are amazing.  We were not there at sunset but we heard that is the best time to go.  

5. Sea Trek – De Palm Island, Aruba

Sea Trek on De Palm Island was the coolest thing we did on the trip and as soon as we had finished, I would have done it again. We were given a quick lesson and felt very safe the entire time. The next best thing to scuba diving without the lessons and required certification. There were so many colorful fish amongst the wreckages down there and they provided food to feed and attract them. We […]

4. The Flying Fishbone – Aruba

We chose Aruba as a destination for our vacation because it is not in the hurricane belt and the temperatures are pretty constant – in the 80’s, desert like with little rain.  It is, however, pretty much always windy and you shouldn’t plan on a good hair day. We loved everything about Aruba–the beaches, restaurants, and shopping district are all top notch and we would go back without hesitation. For an excellent dining experience while […]

3. Tunnel of Love – Aruba

We stumbled upon the “Tunnel of Love” on our drive around Aruba.  Nothing more than a hut with shoes you can borrow (flip flops are not recommended) and instructions to follow large yellow arrows inside the cave. Each person is also given a flashlight to help guide them through the tunnels. This is one of those cheesy places you should drive right past.  However, we did it and are not sorry.  We had a few laughs […]

2. Natural Pool – Aruba

We decided to rent a jeep one day of our vacation and head to the other side of the island in search of the natural pool.  The entire island is only 19 miles long and 6 miles wide with one side having all the beautiful hotels and beaches and the other side uninhabited, very rocky and with rough waters.  We figured it would be pretty hard to get lost but what we did not know […]

1. Renaissance Island – Oranjestad, Aruba

Renaissance Island is set aside for guests of the Renaissance Resort & Casino (adults only) which is where we stayed while there.  Because the hotel is located in the downtown harbor area of Oranjestad, the Renaissance has purchased this private island to offer their guests a sandy protected beach just off shore. A boat comes right into the lobby and takes guests on a short 10 minute ride to the island which has a restaurant, bar, […]